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Swimming Pool Decks of Melbourne

Your dream pool is more than just a wonderful place to swim. For most homeowners, a backyard swimming pool serves multiple purposes, from relaxation and enjoyment to entertainment and atmosphere. At Riviera Pools, we know that your pool surrounds are of utmost importance to creating the ideal environment you envision for your property. Landscaping can contribute to a lush scenery, retaining walls, lighting, and other elements are influential as well. But a simple way to take your pool to the next level is with its decking.
There are endless variations for pool deck styling and design and multiple options for decking material. Materials should be chosen based on their aesthetic potential, but as you plan for your pool deck, be sure to take into consideration safety, non-slip surface, and comfort. Let’s take a look at six great types of pool decking material that are popular and highly recommended for your Sydney swimming pool.

Timber decks are much loved by property owners because they instill a natural-looking element into the pool design. Wood decking looks attractive and its high heat resistance makes it comfortable on bare feet—both important considerations for decking materials. As a complement to an overall outdoor design, timber can be a great choice, available in many colours and grains and with options for staining. This material typically requires waterproofing (although some types of timber are less permeable) and regular maintenance to keep the deck looking fresh.

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